The Gibson tour part 2 (Congleton)

The second part of our family holiday was in Congleton, Cheshire. We did a few things, but mainly it was Mark and Marianne’s wedding so here lots of lovely wedding photos mixed with a trip to a farm (as you do), and some pictures of the wedding flowers before-hand because I was asked to record them before the big day.

It also includes my favorite ever picture of Bobbie:
Bobbie's wedding wear 2

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Flowers for the weddingFlowers for the wedding 2Flowers for the wedding 3Flowers for the wedding 4Flowers for the wedding 5Flowers for the wedding 6Flowers for the wedding 7Flowers for the wedding 8Flowers for the wedding 9A bright looking bird_She's Rolling rolling rollingBobbie's wedding wear 1Mark and Marianne's wedding 1Mark and Marianne's wedding 2Mustang 1Mustang 2Post Lunch BobbieThat's my anme...Wedding favours ducks as hockey players...Bobbie colouring at the weddingAll the Ducks on our tableGroom - loving it...A happy mother...The first danceHappinessDancing the night away.


The Bearnisesities in Bear Town Congleton

So on the final part of my holiday we went round the fantastic town of Congleton. The following day they were celebrating Bear festival on account of many years ago the town saving up for a bible – then buying a Bear (as you do). So much like Manchester’s Cow’s and various other animals painted in towns and cities this followed suit with wild colours and themes painted on the Bear.

My Favorite was the Congleton Team Parish Bear, which I saw a sneak preview of but didn’t take a snap of. After that a Bear that has tattoos and piercing is just too good to ignore… so yeah enjoy.

Congleton Bear 6Congleton Bear 5Congleton Bear 4Congleton Bear 3Congleton Bear 2Congleton Bear 1