A little trip to Little Moreton Hall

While with the in-laws over the summer we took a little trip to Little Moreton Hall. Trying to keep a 1 1/2 year old under-raps in a national trust property is basically impossible. But they have enough to keep them at bay. So here are the very images of the fun.

Amelie is very hard to keep track of hence some of the blur shots, little bundle of energy that one. Bobby has a rain jacket that when the hood is up makes her look like a whole minion…it’s brilliant.

Stain glass 2Stone me it's a fire place 2Stain glass 2Stain glass 1Old wallsWindow to the outsideBobbie the MinionIn the Attic at Little Morton HallAmelie Go!Loud BobbieAmelie in shock...Stone me it's a fireplace


Salisbury and “Aunty Olive”

When ever possible we try and visit “Aunty Olive”. I’m only doing speech marks around Aunty Olive as I’m sure there is a degree of separation from that title and Mairi (so she’s Mairi’s mum’s Aunty) but she’s awesome so we just say she’s Aunty and live with it.

This time during my Nan’s 80th trip we spent one day driving to and enjoying Salisbury. We met up with Olive and Ian. At the time Salisbury Cathedral were exhibiting Sophie Ryder’s Giant Rabbits, and as you well know I love some good sculpture being from Castleford home of Henry Moore.

We also went round the outside of Salisbury Cathedral which architecturally is stunning mixing many different techniques and styles. I hopefully captured some of it’s awe and wonder.

Giant Rabbit 1Aunty Olive, Amelie, Mairi, BobbieA ring a ring of...rabbitsA ring a ring of...rabbits2A ring a ring of...rabbits3A ring a ring of...rabbits4BobbieSalisbury CathedralSalisbury Cathedral 2Salisbury Cathedral 3Salisbury Cathedral 4Salisbury Cathedral 5Giant hand...Salisbury CathedralGiant Rabbit 2

Nan’s 80th

Not much to say about this but the photos speak for themselves, my Nan is awesome and as a surprise the whole extended family on that side surprised her by appearing at her 80th.

It was a great weekend, the log cabin we stayed in was the envy of my parents (resulting in them booking it for a few months later).That Cabin is possibly the most calming place I’ve ever stayed (tie with a retreat place in Huddersfield)

Uncle Nick who normal lives in hotter climates (Thailand and Saudi) came over with his son (my cousin Simon) and his daughter Anabel (obvs my other cousin). I’ve seen Simon a few times through the years but Anabel must have been 7 or 8 last time I saw her.

Bobbie really enjoyed siting next to Nana, Amelie enjoyed having lots of food (common theme there). These images are of us at the cabin, Glastonbury Abbey (it’s huge)  and then the meal – great weekend with a family that doesn’t often come together but when we do it’s like we have never been apart.

The log cabin in SomersetThe log cabin in Somerset 2The log cabin in Somerset 3Glastonbury Abbey 1Glastonbury Abbey 2Glastonbury Abbey 3Bobbie trying to get the cameraGlastonbury Abbey 4Glastonbury Abbey 5Glastonbury Abbey 6Glastonbury Abbey - where to go next?Glastonbury Abbey 7Bobbie at the 80th mealMother at the 80th mealFather at the 80th mealAmelie at the 80th mealMairi at the 80th mealNan at her 80th mealThe family at the 80th mealThe family at the 80th meal 2The family at the 80th meal 3The family at the 80th meal 4Bobbie and Nan

Bobbie’s 4th Birthday

Wow has it been a long time, I’ve been a busy bee. So busy in fact that I’ve not edited and uploaded images for what seems like ages! But here is Bobbie’s 4th Birthday images, she enjoyed her day so much.

I took a great deal more photos than this but they are of her mates and I’m not running round getting permissions to publish them all. Carol provided the entertainment via ShortStoryLady a most excellent time was had by all!

Amelie just waking up//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsBobbie's Cake//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsAmelie and Mummy//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsBobbie Birthday Cake//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsBobbie blowing out her candles//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsMinion Cape!//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsMothers meeting//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsBobbie Cake withTiger candles//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsBlow out Bobbie//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsBobbie cake//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Wales Holiday – the rest of it

Bobbie and WoodmanWell it took me until now to collect all my welsh holiday photos for the next post, we went to a slate mine, bronze age mine, narrow gauge railway, visiting the amazing Mr B’s bistro in Llandudno, visiting various castles, visiting a tropical world come wildlife centre adventure playground and awesome pancakes.

Still rocking my Nikon D3000 🙂


A little bit of YorkshireThese trucks don't move anymoreSilhouette and lakeLakeside on the way backHood up - rainLakeside canoeBobbie the train driverI saw this...A hude water wheel with the family.Old crane, not been used for a little bit...Narrow gauge level crossing!Nothing like an old fashioned signSlate mine train - but where is the slate ...ohhhBobbie on a narrow guage with MairiWeighing up options 2Weighing up options 1A great view with metal railsCastle with football pitch?Mairi watching Bobbie playLooking up at the Castleclimbing on chainsReachShe's queen of the castle...The little bird that tellsA good climber never gives upA rare family shotCannon at the doorStained glass Royal classicthrough the doorA face with no bodyBobbie and the wooden manThe crown aloft in the pit

Bike Show at Squires Cafe, UK

The only place where walking round with a mug of coffee is the coolest thing in the world.

September 29th Bobbie put her shoes on her head and we set off for Squires cafe

This strange place is located near Sherburn in Elmet and on this day they had a bike show. We met up with my parents and had a little day out in the summer sunshine (despite it being the back end of September). Because it was so sunny it didn’t make for the best light for taking photos but think I did alright.

All taken on my D3000 with a 18-55mm lens and edited in Raw format only.


...and shoes on your head...Bobbie in October 2013BSAOrange flame motorbike detailBikes 1Bikes 2Mod manDon't cross this skull

The Gibson tour part 2 (Congleton)

The second part of our family holiday was in Congleton, Cheshire. We did a few things, but mainly it was Mark and Marianne’s wedding so here lots of lovely wedding photos mixed with a trip to a farm (as you do), and some pictures of the wedding flowers before-hand because I was asked to record them before the big day.

It also includes my favorite ever picture of Bobbie:
Bobbie's wedding wear 2

As always click for more info and stay tuned for more photos.

Flowers for the weddingFlowers for the wedding 2Flowers for the wedding 3Flowers for the wedding 4Flowers for the wedding 5Flowers for the wedding 6Flowers for the wedding 7Flowers for the wedding 8Flowers for the wedding 9A bright looking bird_She's Rolling rolling rollingBobbie's wedding wear 1Mark and Marianne's wedding 1Mark and Marianne's wedding 2Mustang 1Mustang 2Post Lunch BobbieThat's my anme...Wedding favours ducks as hockey players...Bobbie colouring at the weddingAll the Ducks on our tableGroom - loving it...A happy mother...The first danceHappinessDancing the night away.

The Gibson tour part 1 (Portsmouth)

The Gibson family went a sort of UK to see family and friends south and west of York (Portsmouth and Congleton), so it made sense to separate these two groups of photos by location.

So in Portsmouth we stayed with Mairi’s Aunt (Olive) and had a jolly good time in the southern sun. Some pictures do need a commentary so do click them and you’ll see extra info.


At Olive's 3At Olive's 2At Olive's 1Bobbie in a Peppa Pig rocket 2Bobbie in a Peppa Pig rocket 1Bobbie after a big sleep in the sunBobbie in PortsmouthStatue in Portsmouth 2Statue in Portsmouth 1Being stalked by Crispy Cream stores on holiday...The portsmouth cannonBobbie at Portsmouth HarbourSpinnaker towerMy grandparents, Bobbie Mairi and me!A flower in Olive's GardenBobbie in Olive's Garden 2Bobbie in Olive's GardenMairi and the pier

Lakes Holiday 2013: Day 3

Day 3 of the holiday consisted of a visit to Hill Top house which is Beatrix Potter’s main residence now owned by the National Trust, then went to the Aquarium. A visit to Fellfoot Park was next, this is a victorian park owned by the National Trust (you’ll see a theme here) and then we went swimming (not owned by the National Trust and not in the Aquarium).

Hill Top house was a great National Trust property and allowed you to go around Beatrix Potter’s farm house as if her and her husband had just popped to the shops after afternoon tea. You can see drawings and letters just lying around, it really is a magical visit if you get the chance but get there early as the car park is small and you are given a timed ticket to enter.

Next on to the Aquarium to see some fish and other animals – this was expensive but worth it. Bobbie loved it, Mairi has a picture of me and her dressed as lobsters.

Next was a visit to Fellfoot Park, this was mainly a relaxing time as Bobbie was sleeping (spark out after 3 days of nonstop fun!), we then had an icecream at the shop and headed home. The park was a great expanse of open space that headed down to Lake Windermere.

We then went for a swim, of which I have no pictures but the swimming pool was awesome and often had less than 3 families / groups of people in it. This meant it felt like a spa pool.

If you want to see what we got up to on other days click on the links:
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Check out the photos below and enjoy.

Maira and Bobbie outside Beatrix Potter's houseInside a flowerSparkle Pirania SparkleLook at this fellaWindermine from FellfootBobbie sleeping in FellfootFellfootMairi and Bobbie at FellfootWindermere 3