An alternative soundtrack for Strictly Come Dancing


I love strictly, I do but I feel that Dave Arch and his wonderful (wonderful) orchestra could stretch themselves even more than they already do, so here are just some of my suggested tracks that could be used on the show along with the dances they could be used for.

Now just a note; I’m a drummer I know my rhythms and time signatures, I’m NOT a dancer and my knowledge of dance is from my wife who used to dance at uni and Strictly.

Here is the spotify playlist: SCD New music

1. Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N
A hip hop record by nature, but a song about female power and ideal for tango or paso but could work for a dark quick step, samba or salsa.

2. Florence and the Machine – Drumming song
Paso well and truly, it’s a massive song in sonic value so it should allow the dancers to get stuck into the emotional value in the song.

3. Spike Jones – Cocktails for two
How this hasn’t been used for charleston I’ll never know 0.50 it kicks off. 

4. James Brown – Good foot
Any of the fast dances (quickstep, salsa, samba, cha cha etc) have the emergency services on standby for after the dancers finish.

5. Dan le Sac vs Scub Pip – Inert explosions
One of the most GORGEOUS electronic based songs I know of, the beat is extraordinary (and I have spent years learning it on ‘real’ drums) but the background xylophone like noise means this song could be used for slower dances, american smooth or rumba.

6. Karelia Suite, Op.11 III Alla Marcia
Quickstep – one of my favorite classical songs of all time and builds and builds and builds it’s like classical prog rock! Dave Arch might have to edit the slower section to be less so if it was quick step.

7. ASIWYFA – A Little Bit of Solidarity Goes a Long Way
Paso – or argentine tango (the very traditional one) – my head may explode if some danced to this but might even suit more of a show dance peice with paso going into sweeps of american smooth.

8. Nina -Love me or leave me
Oh Nina,  a cheeky american smooth – just listen it’s a stunning song.

9. DCFC – Passenger Seat
Doesn’t get started until halfway through however imagine viennese waltz to this… oh yes sir!

10. Coheed & Cambria – Three Evils
More paso goodness – a real hard rocking song and lyrics to use for such a dance.

Bonus: Gentry Morris – Dervishes (Love is alive)
THE MOST GORGEOUS SONG EVER WRITTEN – I don’t like writing in caps but I really must put that point across. I discovered this song and album by chance just sitting in a cafe at a festival listening to a guy play the most sublime acoustic music ever invented. If someone danced the viennese waltz to this I’d lose it… I’d be a blubbering wreck on the floor.

And that’s your lot, let me know if you have had similar thoughts and any other tracks you’ve always wanted to see on SCD.


Through a lens I see God

I have for some time been taking photographs of various subjects and  locations both light and dark – so without further ado here we go…

Forgetting drumming for a moment, I have never had such an activity where I feel more at home doing it;  taking photos comes so naturally to me and it’s great to see the above come out bursting with life. More images exist on my flickr page here

In other news my band We Sell Seashells are doing well and getting interest on the local scene of Leeds, check us out at and let me know what you think. The most recent songs are sessions so listen to them to get a good idea of what we are doing right now.

I’ve also been listening to some funk recently, which is everyone’s guilty pleasure if we are honest. If someone could recommend some key funk to bulk up my music collection that would be great, I of course know of the James Brown (soul brother number one) and also little known funk band ‘The Apples’

And finally here is the blog of my football team practises so do have a look and see what I do on Wednesday