Illuminate York 2015

Hello people,

As a demonstration of my lack of time to write this blog here are the photos from illuminate York 2015 (taken October 2015). The main things I looked at where the light boxes at the Guildhall, NRM train lights and disco balls down the Shambles. Not much else to say about them but to click and take a look.

I do truly love Illuminate York it’s my favourite arts event York puts on and does separate it from other cities in the UK and indeed the world. Long may it continue.

Illuminate York 2015 photos:

A brown tankEvening Star light trialGlitter Ball light trials 3The rocket being watchedDuchess illuminated 2Glitter ball light trials 2The Duchess illuminated 1Glitter Ball light trials 1Square light boxes 2Eurostar illuminated 2The ghost of children on cobblesDiesel PowerSquare light boxesChinese Loco in blueGlitter Balls all in a rowEurostar illuminated 1Southern C1 lit upGuild Hall entrance of flowersThe Glitter Ball in YorkMe with mirrors


Jelly Babies in London

Living in York does tend to pose a massive hurdle to people visiting you from lands afar, as it’s a bit of a trip to get to in the car or train. Some friends live in London – we normally see them at Greenbelt music festival but this year we won’t be attending as our little bundle of joy will be only 1 month old so we made the trip to the big smoke and went and saw some things…

With such a rich tapestry of things to photograph I went a little snap happy but mainly caught up with good mates. So here is London in a few hours with friends, art, rivers at night, Victorian pubs, Jesus, the underground, skateboard stunts, exercise and giant jelly babies!

Jelly babies2Jelly babies1V&A signGlass work @ V&A2Glass work @ V&ASculpture beating V&APainted wood carvingWood Carving 2Ironwork1 door 2 peopleWooden stair case in V&ASculpture in V&ASculpture in tearsWood carving - HOW?London Underground chatsVictoria tiling joy2Old pub2Old pub1Victoria tiling joy1Shep in LondonSkateboard jump off St Paul'sBounce BounceExercise on architectureAi Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds at Tate Modern 3Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds at Tate Modern 2Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds at Tate ModernBlue Tree Lights at the Thames