On my Birthday we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

So on Wednesday (7/3) it was my birthday and for the first time in my working life I took it as a day off! I was then asked what I wanted to do, I took ages to choose which will surprise anyone who knows me, but eventually settled on the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).

I’ve been before and you can see my blog post on that visit here, but let’s focus on the here and now…

So the whole day actually included a major day out at Meadowhall but I didn’t take any pictures of it as it was mainly shops and a restaurant. So after the shopping trip we had about an hour and a half to play with at YSP and, as ever, it didn’t disappoint.

Although clearly doing some maintenance work at the time it was still a good visit all the same.

Featured artists in the following images are:
Sophie Ryder – Rabbits / Bunny people
Sui Jianguo – 2 two suits
Henry Moore – Bronze sculpture oddness
Ursula von Rydingsvard – crystal looking den house
Magdalena Abakanowicz – Rust metal sculpture

And I’m afraid I don’t know the other artists

So enjoy and let me know what you think of my photographs… also features my very beautiful daughter looking all cute.

A future dogA sculpture through a sculpture Bobbie looking at meBobbie looking at me croppedSmoking sculture2 headless suitsHares coming at youThe all seeing bunnyA rabbit with cogs in it...Rust and Metalfemale bunny looks out to the worldBobbie enjoying the Sculpture ParkTree and caveHenry Moore in the ParkThrough the eye of HenryNarrow view of Henry


When the Spider caught the … wasp.

While I was in the back yard I witnessed one of our many spiders with a prized catch in his web. Wasp for breakfast anyone? I always find it pretty crazy how spiders survive, think about it -an insect creates a way of traping prey by constructing a web made of a fibre stronger than steel (relatively)! It must have taken millions of years for that to evolve into such a sophisticated killer.

Well after I looked on in amazement I grabbed my camera and took a few shots…

Spider eating a wasp 1Spider eating a wasp 2Spider eating a wasp 3

Early Summer flowers

Me and Mairi don’t have much in the way of a garden at our current home but we do have a back yard. It rarely gets sun across the yard as it’s a North – South house with houses either side with a wall on one side and our kitchen and bathroom on the other so really any thing we plant needs first of all care and second of all water management.

We therefore go out of our way to make it a colour explosion and also to plant as much crop (both fruit and veg) as possible, this year we have grown strawberries (big yield this year), potatoes (just coming up), tomatoes (not ready yet) and herbs like rocket and chives.

Below are some photos I took of the flowers and the veg plants a few days ago, it includes the awesome Japanese Lily which we thought had died in the 10 inch snow we had, but nope he came back to life (much to our surprise) and produced a great flower this year.

So enjoy the pretty pictures one and all.

Tomato plant leaf with rain drop1 Tomato plant leaf with rain drop2New image_39dianthus petalsMarigoldPetunia dianthus petals 2Strawberry plantJapanese lilyJapanese lily 2Foxglove Japanese lily 3

Summer in a Macro Climate

Well I thought I’d share my latest macro plant pictures, the first section is from a little walk with friends in Clifton Ings in York and the ones with the orange plant are in my back yard. I got the ‘just rained’ look on the above plant by watering it first which creates this really nice bubble and water droplet effect and I luckily had near perfect light for the images.

Before getting my D3000 I had no interest what so ever taking pictures of flowers but since getting it I find it has a really good set of options in Macro mode and produces great photos, that’s just my view, let me know what you think. I also put a few landscape images of Clifton Ings to break things up a bit.

Suggested listening Four Tet ‘Love Cry’