A little trip to Little Moreton Hall

While with the in-laws over the summer we took a little trip to Little Moreton Hall. Trying to keep a 1 1/2 year old under-raps in a national trust property is basically impossible. But they have enough to keep them at bay. So here are the very images of the fun.

Amelie is very hard to keep track of hence some of the blur shots, little bundle of energy that one. Bobby has a rain jacket that when the hood is up makes her look like a whole minion…it’s brilliant.

Stain glass 2Stone me it's a fire place 2Stain glass 2Stain glass 1Old wallsWindow to the outsideBobbie the MinionIn the Attic at Little Morton HallAmelie Go!Loud BobbieAmelie in shock...Stone me it's a fireplace


A family visit to Goddard’s house

Some times the greatest treasures can be on your backdoor. Living in or around York you become numb to the history all around you. Bobbie has been around old things (Roman walls, ancient buildings, Victorian landscapes, me etc) for as long as she can remember and although some things fill her with wonder,  history doesn’t quite do it for her and I suspect that’s because she lives in a city surrounded by Roman walls and enough history for a county let alone a city.

Be that as it may, the wife and I attempt to take our kids to historic places all over the UK. That means not forgetting to do so in our own city of York. Goddard’s House is the newly opened home of the famous Terry’s family of chocolate factory fame.

The bellow images are of our visit, they had games available to play on tables which was of great fun to Bobbie, Amelie and National Trust properties don’t get on just yet but she’s mellowing slowly.

Highlights picture wise

  • The Terry’s mixed drops with 1930s decor behind looks awesome
  • The fact that, not only did they make chocolate oranges…they made chocolate APPLES!
  • finally the Terry’s ash tray.

Anyway click below and enjoy…Sorry for the lack of activity on this blog.  I’ll work my way through the back log now I’ve taken loads of pictures but had no editing time, I’ll catch up. 

Terry's ash tray (remember them?)Terry's carsSome Terry's chocolateMagical 20s like displayTerry's chocolate boxThe hand I had...Amelie, Mairi and BobbieChocolate orange or chocolate appleGames to play at terry'sPullman carriage no lessToy trainbagatelle gameSales and Marketing Terry's style

Lakes Holiday 2013: Day 6

The weather on this day was not brilliant but still warm and we went to Bowness and while there went to the Beatrix Potter Experience and then later to the AWESOME Wray Castle.

So in Bowness the Beatrix Potter Experience can be found, a fairly large building housing all sorts of scenes from Beatrix Potter’s books. This was better than it sounds really, it did include a working veg garden that then feeds the cafe downstairs (genius idea).

The funniest thing was the huge number of Chinese and Japanese tourists that were also in attendance, now we thought “oh we will get Bobbie a book, from the store..” £6 I think, but it was nicely presented and we will give it to her later. The Chinese tourists in front of us in the queue had their shop assistant reply “…ok that’s £116 please” £116 on Beatrix potter things!!!! Long live the Chinese economy!

Anyway moving on, we then visited the little known National Trust property Wray Castle, this was our find of the holiday. I feel I should first explain what exploring properties with a little child is like.

The child will want to run about, no matter how good the Property management, the little child will find something to grab, tug, pull, knock, ruin or otherwise destroy items. This becomes an issue when visiting properties that are preserved for the nation.

Now we were expecting the very same experience here, Bobbie would enjoy it for a bit but after 15-20 “No don’t touch that”‘s she will get annoyed and then it’s tears and paddy time. Wray Castle couldn’t be further from this experience.

From the off they said to us “just let her run free, just watch her on the stairs but she can’t do much damage” we were confused but went into the first room which had massive building blocks and we spent 30 minutes making towers and having so much fun. We then went around the rest of the castle with fun and toys in most of the other rooms. It was so refreshing to have an National Trust property with kids truly at it’s heart and I thank the NT for making it that way but also plead for them to market it more!

And thus ends the Holiday blogs… coming up, how to play the drums and what a difference a manager makes.

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A Flying GooseBobbie and Peter RabbitLooking in through the windowMr ToddLittle pigsBeatrix Potter sculpture 3Beatrix Potter sculpture 2Beatrix Potter sculpture 1Old brownMrs Tiggy-WinkleWhen a cat and a bear have teaBeatrix Potter pondThat naughty PeterKicked outMy princessWray CastleWray Castle view 2Wray Castle view 1

Lakes Holiday 2013: Day 3

Day 3 of the holiday consisted of a visit to Hill Top house which is Beatrix Potter’s main residence now owned by the National Trust, then went to the Aquarium. A visit to Fellfoot Park was next, this is a victorian park owned by the National Trust (you’ll see a theme here) and then we went swimming (not owned by the National Trust and not in the Aquarium).

Hill Top house was a great National Trust property and allowed you to go around Beatrix Potter’s farm house as if her and her husband had just popped to the shops after afternoon tea. You can see drawings and letters just lying around, it really is a magical visit if you get the chance but get there early as the car park is small and you are given a timed ticket to enter.

Next on to the Aquarium to see some fish and other animals – this was expensive but worth it. Bobbie loved it, Mairi has a picture of me and her dressed as lobsters.

Next was a visit to Fellfoot Park, this was mainly a relaxing time as Bobbie was sleeping (spark out after 3 days of nonstop fun!), we then had an icecream at the shop and headed home. The park was a great expanse of open space that headed down to Lake Windermere.

We then went for a swim, of which I have no pictures but the swimming pool was awesome and often had less than 3 families / groups of people in it. This meant it felt like a spa pool.

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Check out the photos below and enjoy.

Maira and Bobbie outside Beatrix Potter's houseInside a flowerSparkle Pirania SparkleLook at this fellaWindermine from FellfootBobbie sleeping in FellfootFellfootMairi and Bobbie at FellfootWindermere 3

Nunnington Hall – a peacock and old design

Anyone who knows me will know that I love a good National Trust (NT) property, me and Mairi both own NT cards* and when ever we can we have a look around a property and it’s grounds we do. So on the 30th of July (2 days before Roberta was born) we went around Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire and I took some pictures.

Most of the images are of the outside of the house but we do have some internal photos, this includes a heavily morbid needle work patten.

Much to my amazement they had a Guillemots exhibition on – I know in the loft of an NT House, how odd.I have never really took much notice of the band before the exhibition but after this exhibition I deemed them suitably odd enough for me to listen to. I then paid £10 for a signed copy of their debut mercury nominated album Through the Windowpane at this exhibition (half the price it is on the website) and I have really enjoyed it. Sadly photos were banned from the exhibition – although no one was watching I still respected their artistic right and so no images were taken of the exhibition.

So Nunnington Hall ladies and gents, enjoy. As always, click on a photo to learn more.

*Me and Mairi actually have National Trust of Scotland cards as they’re cheaper than the English version but you get into both English and Scottish properties.  

4 poster bedAll lined up Bed paint workBlue platesA BBC opera programme  from 1927 Just a tad morbid for 10Carlisle Collection workshopA Nunnington BeeNunnington Wishing treeNunnington Wishing tree 4Nunnington Wishing tree 3Nunnington Wishing tree 2At the bottom of the gardenNot blurred it's the plantPeacock Peacock Peacock

House sitting holiday

My in-laws let us house sit their house for while. Living in Cheshire it meant we could go to North Wales as well as Cheshire so we went and explored.

We found tiny railways, a small suspension bridge, ice cream, a lake, the museum of science and industry (Mosi) and Little Moreton Hall. The tiny railway is Rudyard Lake Steam Railway which is built on some of the run of the actual full-size railway that ran back in the day. It wasn’t running when I was there which is a shame but we had a good walk round the lake anyway.

Mosi is a cracking museum and newly refurbished, it looks at the industrial heritage of Britain but mainly around the North West so I took a snapshot of the exhibits. I used some lighting changes to help the viewer to look at these photos and focus on what I’m focusing on when I take the shot.

And then we have Little Moreton Hall, a cracking little National Trust property situated not too far from Congleton, Cheshire – I took a shot from the attic to the grounds below and then in photoshop gave it the tilt-shift treatment… I think it looks good so let me know what you think.

Just want to say this blog is getting quite popular so thanks very much for reading and if you like it don’t be scared to share it with your mates. As ever all these shots are taken by a Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm VR lens.

Next time you will have coloured bears! I kid you not…

Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 5Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 4Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 3Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 2Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 1Welsh Railway SignFUN CONERudyard Lake in Black and WhiteSlow down - the children are free!Flowering BudEnd of the lineRudyard Lake Steam RailwayOne hell of an incline The water wheel at MOSISprings cogs springs order3 bits of rope on a cogPunchcard Loom Shirley Fabric Friction TesterFighter jet coming for youBullseye Avro PlaneAvro original kamikaze planeLarge helicopter at MOSILarge main window at Little Moreton HallWood decoration old windowsLittle Moreton Hall reflections 2Little Moreton Hall reflections 1Moto to live by 2Very Little Moreton HallMoto to live by 1Games Attic That's a good paint jobBlack and white houseWhen windows were specialTaste savored - place remembered Frog Light