Illuminate York 2016

It’s that time of year (2 months late) where I take out the camera gear and take advantage of some brilliant lighting installations that York put’s on as part of illuminate York.

If you read this blog you’ll know this comes around each year and I’m a kid in a sweet shop, using all sorts of camera tricks to really capture the experience of the installations.

I have to say I struggled a bit this year, the first part is my fault on the night I said I’d go take photos. I was delayed by about an hour so didn’t have loads of time to devote to the night. This meant I didn’t take my normal glut of photos, but hey I’m a dad of 2 and getting free time is a challenge.

The second issue is…it just didn’t seem as much as an event this year, admittedly I didn’t go to the paid Minster light show but in previous years avoiding the paid for part wasn’t so much of a pain, this year it was. Some installations were nothing short of lights against buildings…we’ve come along way from that and we deserve better.

The third issue was the toy/mech re-sellers. Me and Pete met outsider the Minster, at which point 9 (NINE!) hawkers were congregating selling flashy light wears. The problem with selling these at a light festival where people attempt to take stunning images is that that amount of rapid flashing green and pink light actually impacts the image. As it was this was only an issue in this location and and installation wasn’t good enough to be captured but my goodness it was just too much.

The fourth little thing was the tidiness of it all, take a look at the roman walls with the cross on. Try as I might, without significant editing I can’t hide those light sources, all it needs is a black cover but it didn’t get that and so I left it untouched to show you what I meant…anyway enjoy the trains and look forward to next year!

The railway museum provided a great platform yet again (no pun).

Illuminate York 2016 - Duchess of HamiltonIlluminate York 2016 - NRM Warehouse warp driveIlluminate York 2016 - Cross on wallIlluminate York 2016 - Steam under bridgeIlluminate York 2016 - The DuchessIlluminate York 2016 - EurostarIlluminate York 2016 - Mallard


Bobbie’s Birthday Day Out

The pride, the absolute pure pride that when given the choice of what to do on a day out for her Birthday my daughter chose going to a heritage railway and riding on a heritage bus. She’s 5…what an absolute star.

We went to the railway where her name comes from “Roberta” from the Railway Children which is based on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway .

Here are some lovely pictures of the day and Len and Lynda (the inlwas) came too and we had a picnic at the park. Why is there no photos of that I hear you gasp…try having a picnic in a park with a 5 year old and 1 1/2 year old and you’ll understand why.

The ball is a ball of 2ps made to look like the Death Star…random. It had a bike inside it…art.

Number 85 lampA little tank2ps joined2ps joined 2The Death Star of coinsBobbie at KWVR 4Bobbie at KWVR 3Bobbie at KWVR 2Bobbie at KWVRGrandma and Amelie 2Grandma and AmelieSteam in reverse

A family visit to Goddard’s house

Some times the greatest treasures can be on your backdoor. Living in or around York you become numb to the history all around you. Bobbie has been around old things (Roman walls, ancient buildings, Victorian landscapes, me etc) for as long as she can remember and although some things fill her with wonder,  history doesn’t quite do it for her and I suspect that’s because she lives in a city surrounded by Roman walls and enough history for a county let alone a city.

Be that as it may, the wife and I attempt to take our kids to historic places all over the UK. That means not forgetting to do so in our own city of York. Goddard’s House is the newly opened home of the famous Terry’s family of chocolate factory fame.

The bellow images are of our visit, they had games available to play on tables which was of great fun to Bobbie, Amelie and National Trust properties don’t get on just yet but she’s mellowing slowly.

Highlights picture wise

  • The Terry’s mixed drops with 1930s decor behind looks awesome
  • The fact that, not only did they make chocolate oranges…they made chocolate APPLES!
  • finally the Terry’s ash tray.

Anyway click below and enjoy…Sorry for the lack of activity on this blog.  I’ll work my way through the back log now I’ve taken loads of pictures but had no editing time, I’ll catch up. 

Terry's ash tray (remember them?)Terry's carsSome Terry's chocolateMagical 20s like displayTerry's chocolate boxThe hand I had...Amelie, Mairi and BobbieChocolate orange or chocolate appleGames to play at terry'sPullman carriage no lessToy trainbagatelle gameSales and Marketing Terry's style

Illuminate York 2015

Hello people,

As a demonstration of my lack of time to write this blog here are the photos from illuminate York 2015 (taken October 2015). The main things I looked at where the light boxes at the Guildhall, NRM train lights and disco balls down the Shambles. Not much else to say about them but to click and take a look.

I do truly love Illuminate York it’s my favourite arts event York puts on and does separate it from other cities in the UK and indeed the world. Long may it continue.

Illuminate York 2015 photos:

A brown tankEvening Star light trialGlitter Ball light trials 3The rocket being watchedDuchess illuminated 2Glitter ball light trials 2The Duchess illuminated 1Glitter Ball light trials 1Square light boxes 2Eurostar illuminated 2The ghost of children on cobblesDiesel PowerSquare light boxesChinese Loco in blueGlitter Balls all in a rowEurostar illuminated 1Southern C1 lit upGuild Hall entrance of flowersThe Glitter Ball in YorkMe with mirrors

Illuminate York 2013

This Year for my ‘favorite thing that happens in York’ I went round with Mr B and explored the festival with him.

The images don’t really explain themselves but that’s nice isn’t it? Enjoy the best festival York puts on!

Cliffords tower rainbowCliffords tower moonTags on string 2Tags on stringSmoke dearFire through metal 2Fire through metal

Haxby Scarecrow Festival

In May my wonderful village all go a bit crackers and make scarecrows and put them in front of their homes. The assembled masses then take tours of the village using the scarecrows as landmarks. I did take a photo of each scarecrow but chose the below photos as a best of the best. I also took a few of Bobbie as it’s been awhile since she had some photos taken.

Taken with a Nikon D3000 18-55mm – shot in RAW.


Mr Bloom scarecrow
Hungry caterpillar _
Nearly miss that one - woof!
Looc Ness haxby
You've got to be a muppet if you don't know these two
Bobbie Eye
Happy bobbie
He liked the cakes but got a straw like taste...

I’ve got 99 posts but my bitch ain’t one – HIT ME!

Bobbie after a big day out

It really does show how busy I am if I’m posting photos in Quarters!

Hello all, long time no post. So here we have a few snaps of a walk out at Moorlands Forest in February and then me and Bobbie went for a much over due day out together were we took in the National Railway Museum and Yorkshire Museum. Forgive the Bobbie blurs it’s quite hard to get a 20 month to stand in front of a train.


Bobbie with Dwight D. EisenhowerBobbie with MallardCan I get in the camera?Watching the Tv BobbieWhat ya doing daddy?Up a treeBobbie in Moorland Forest

Lavender, deer, and Dalby

Over October Half-term holidays (school break for non-UK readers) the family Gibson went on a few days out, one was to Lavender farm in North Yorkshire, in the middle of nowhere is a farm for Lavender. As well as being able to order Lavender tea (which creates Lavender burps) you can also see their hungry deer!

A Hungry deerMairi and Bobbie at the Lavender Farm - North Yorkshire

Then we went to the awesome Dalby Forest for a nice walk with the stunningly vivid Autumn leaves.

Dalby Forest October 2012 4Dalby Forest October 2012 3Dalby Forest October 2012 2Dalby Forest October 2012

So as normal everything was shot on my Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm or 55- 200mm lens and taken in RAW. Processed using ViewNX2.

Coming next a few shots from Illuminate York.

Much love

Best roundabout in the UK

Me and Mairi were getting ready one morning when we hear radio 2 discussing the Holgate roundabout with a working windmill on it; this is something you just know of if you live in York. We did wonder why until we saw the bbc news website with the article declaring it was voted this years roundabout of the Year.

Well who could stay away? So that weekend we went to take Bobbie for a look as they had an open day, we were able to get very high up with here inside the windmill which was fun not a little scary with a small child. The group who restored it to full working order have a flickr group here

Below are the external shots I took,

Coming up will be illuminate York, which all proves to be a good hunting for my best snaps of the year. See what I’ve done the previous years 2011 & 2010.

Holgate windmill October 2012Holgate windmill October 2012 2Holgate windmill October 2012 3Holgate windmill October 2012 4Holgate windmill October 2012 5

Tying up lose ends part 1

Well hello everyone,

This post is just publishing some lose ends, so we have the end of my Holiday which took place in Alnwick Book shop (it has a train set!) and then on to my failed competition entries for 2012 Rowntree photography competition. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks very much everyone for your likes on this blog it really is encouraging, so thanks and do feel free to comment if you like.

All images taken by my Nikon D3000 to view them in all their wonder just click on one to enlarge.

Alnwick Bookshop 1Alnwick Bookshop 2Alnwick Bookshop 3Rowntree Park 1Rowntree Park 2Statue in Rowntree ParkThrough the gate