Roberta is Baptised

Well hello blog reading people.

Sorry for the lack of posts it has just been a very busy month but as I said in my last post I have lots of image posts coming up. The first of those is my daughters baptism. The photos were taken in the great (and cheap) Heworth Golf Club so enjoy the family photo fest.

Next up with be Martin and Ali’s wedding (you can see them in the last photo) and that will include perhaps the greatest shot I have ever taken! Oh the suspense…

(As always all photos are taken with a Nikon D3000 with a mixture of 18-55mm and 55mm-200m VR Nikon lens edited with Photoshop 7)

Bobbie and NaomiRowan and his pintEmi and foodHazel can see cakeA big smile from BobbieSue and BobbieThe 'on-stage' gangTaylor familyGibson and BrownsGibson and BrownNan and GranddaughterBaptism CakeMartin with BobbieEmi and the grassThe couple to be


Who want’s to see the cute baby?

“Give the people what they want”

Famously a Kinks album but also a line from James Bond as well as other attributed sources. What I take from it is that many people have asked when new photos of Bobbie / Roberta will be appearing, the answer is now.. enjoy.

(Normal notes apply, click on an image to see more details. They were taken by my normal Nikon D3000 and my new Samsung S2 phone/computer/camera edited on Photoshop7 and Nikon NX2 other than a few of the mobile photos which were shot using the excellent vignette app on my phone.

Roberta with MumRoberta lookingRoberta (a bit sleepy) with mumRoberta with Mum looking behind meRoberta being held by Grandma GibsonBlowing raspberryWrapped up in a coatIn dads armsMummy reading a storyI'm not looking at you...Baby Bobbie

Landscape photography ideas at sunset

One of the great things about living near a river is that it gives you such a rich gift of photography options. When I had a spare half hour away from Roberta I took my tripod down to the banks of the Ouse in York and used some different techniques (and a dog) to get some different results. Let me know which you like…

Landscape idea 1Landscape idea 2Landscape idea 3Landscape idea 4

Traction Engine Rally

As a lad I loved going to Temple Newsam traction engine rally, seeing what seemed to me giant traction engines machines puffing away and smelling of that most glorious of smells; industrial steam. Sadly this year I couldn’t attend as my child was something like 3-4 weeks old and it was raining.

So my mum and dad found a smaller Rally at Lotherton Hall which was at a bit of  better time for us. Although it’s smaller it still had that same draws of vintage cars, bikes and trucks as well as stationary engines, tractors and of course the huge traction engines and steam rollers.

The images I took were of my best bits of the rally, the only addition I would have made was a real ale tent, would have fitted right in and the presence of a non-real ale bar was just well …odd, anyway enjoy the photos and comment on this blog and flickr!


Monkey doll going for £120The Makers MarkThe MaoriView from the CoalAmps and VoltsChains and BucketsArt and Industry 1Sunshine on a traction engineTraction Engine B&W1By Royal AppointmentComplete with tow line...Paint me a picture...Two steam rollersPeacock Brothers well turned outNow that' the front of a lorryLion brewery LorryBus to SkiptonRight out the archive...Mervyn Hoyle and his Austin 7 VanAustinNorton - the one and only!Norton MotorbikeA 1944 Japanese light tractorStationary engine - yellow ducksOld BP canOrange tractor

My First BTCC event.

My interest in motorsport has sky rocketed since marring my wife, I was a casual F1 fan and liked ‘going fast’ on any given transportation so I guess the fire was always in the belly but had not been given the oxygen.

Mairi turned a year older on June 1st so as a late birthday present she wanted to go see the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), and I didn’t object so we pointed our car to Croft in North Yorkshire and journeyed over there last weekend (18 – 19 June).

I absolute loved it, the passion the accessibly of meeting the drivers before the race and seeing the pit lane even while some of the cars were very quickly being worked on. It was just a fantastic day and I would recommend it to anyone liking fast cars and a great day out.

Now I did have a bit of lens envy at Croft nearly ever person I saw seemed to have a giant lens from 100mm to £1000+ pro sports lens’. So some of these images are cropped just so we can all zoom in and look at the picture. Some of the quality might be a bit down due to that reason but I hope you enjoy the photos and get a sense of the atmosphere at croft raceway.

My wife does pick good birthday pressies.
(all taken with Nikon D3000 18-55mm edited with photoshop 7)

Ginetta without a back.Matt Neal Tilt Photography croft When 2 are behind 1Alex Lynn winningGinetta no bonnet Using every bit of thetrackTalegate racing Lea Wood Board Matt Neal and Robert CollardLap 1 corner 1 wetDrivers say hello in the rainMe at croftMairi at croftOne good looking safety carWets or drys? 2Wets or drys? 1Team Aon cutting it fineThe Team Aon lads 2The Team Aon ladsJust get the arm Team Garage Leyland Paint Pot wavesMatt Neal's Car 2Matt Neal's CarMatt Neal smilingFlash interview

House sitting holiday

My in-laws let us house sit their house for while. Living in Cheshire it meant we could go to North Wales as well as Cheshire so we went and explored.

We found tiny railways, a small suspension bridge, ice cream, a lake, the museum of science and industry (Mosi) and Little Moreton Hall. The tiny railway is Rudyard Lake Steam Railway which is built on some of the run of the actual full-size railway that ran back in the day. It wasn’t running when I was there which is a shame but we had a good walk round the lake anyway.

Mosi is a cracking museum and newly refurbished, it looks at the industrial heritage of Britain but mainly around the North West so I took a snapshot of the exhibits. I used some lighting changes to help the viewer to look at these photos and focus on what I’m focusing on when I take the shot.

And then we have Little Moreton Hall, a cracking little National Trust property situated not too far from Congleton, Cheshire – I took a shot from the attic to the grounds below and then in photoshop gave it the tilt-shift treatment… I think it looks good so let me know what you think.

Just want to say this blog is getting quite popular so thanks very much for reading and if you like it don’t be scared to share it with your mates. As ever all these shots are taken by a Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm VR lens.

Next time you will have coloured bears! I kid you not…

Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 5Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 4Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 3Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 2Suspension bridge Betws-y-Coed 1Welsh Railway SignFUN CONERudyard Lake in Black and WhiteSlow down - the children are free!Flowering BudEnd of the lineRudyard Lake Steam RailwayOne hell of an incline The water wheel at MOSISprings cogs springs order3 bits of rope on a cogPunchcard Loom Shirley Fabric Friction TesterFighter jet coming for youBullseye Avro PlaneAvro original kamikaze planeLarge helicopter at MOSILarge main window at Little Moreton HallWood decoration old windowsLittle Moreton Hall reflections 2Little Moreton Hall reflections 1Moto to live by 2Very Little Moreton HallMoto to live by 1Games Attic That's a good paint jobBlack and white houseWhen windows were specialTaste savored - place remembered Frog Light

Yorkshire Dales – Cheese, Beer and Food.

A group of friends that me and Mairi know every year try and meet up rent a cottage, we cook food and generally explore places together. This year we settled on the Dales (Yorkshire Dales), and Mairi found a great cottage in an out of the way location so we could easily avoid the Royal wedding.

We went to the Wensleydale cheese factory, Black Sheep brewery, Aysgarth falls and Ripon Cathedral among other random places. I took my first star / space photographs which were done by leaving the lens open for 30 seconds so the camera caught as much light as possible. I think the result were not that bad results but my camera can’t handle anything more than 30 seconds which is a shame as I think with a longer time scale I could get stunning images.

I think I enjoyed the waterfall images the most in this set as well as the big country scene images. I thought when we were on top of a hill some of us walked up that it look like another planet so I changed some colour controls in photoshop to make it ‘other worldly’ – let me know if you think that worked…

A funny part of the weekend away was that we had difficulty writing a farewell message in the visitors book, so we wrote “Lovely time had by all, we survived blizzard and zombie onslaught without major incident”

As always these are all shot using a Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm VR lens and edited using Photoshop 7 (yes old skool)

Have a look at my images and click on them to see more information…

Waterfalls in villageBunting-tasticWensleydale Cheese selectionCheeseIn your EndoLittle red carAysgarth Falls 9Aysgarth Falls 8Aysgarth Falls 7Aysgarth Falls 6Aysgarth Falls 5Aysgarth Falls 4Aysgarth Falls 3Aysgarth Falls 2Aysgarth Falls 1Water on the MoonUp the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 4Up the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 3Up the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 2Up the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 1Yorkshire Dales as MarsSheep on the DalesBlack Sheep bitter being brewedSun, Blue sky and treeWispy cloud on horizon 2Wispy cloud on horizon 1What's that coming over the hillStars in the dales 3Stars in the dales 2Stars in the dales 1Ripon CathedralLight bulbs in trees 2Light bulbs in trees 1Ruby Red flowerRipon Cathedral to the sky

Welcome to York’s Ice Age

Although we are out of the worse of it (for now), at the start of this month York had been in the icy grip of winter. This winter grip included a solid layer of snow or ice on paths and roads, flowing rivers iced over and a -14C walk to work!

During the 29th of November and around the 9th December I took my Nikon D3000 to work and back everyday and worked out what would work and what wouldn’t and hopefully the images below show the best of York’s ice and snow scenes on my route to work.

By the way the purple coloured image – original colour of the image! Couldn’t believe how vivid it was… anyway enjoy the images and these images are also on my flickR account to the left.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading this blog, and do remember what Christmas is all about (clue is in the name…)


Bang and the Firework is gone

Fireworks are very hard to photograph… by hard I mean harder than trying not to slip on this ice the UK is currently covered in. The main hurdle to get over is darkness, so we either turn the iso up to crazy levels or leave the shutter open for a large amount of time.

With a mixture of the two and some (quite frankly loopy) photoshop colour editing I have come up with these 3 firework images. I took these in Castleford in my home town; the local rugby club put on a very large firework display which borders on the budget of their players wages for a year. The first few bursts of fireworks everybody was actually scared for their life and at one point I thought the early 20th Century stadium would be floored! Once people got over that shocked their was a great family atmosphere.

Without a tripod I had to stop breathing to take these images – who says I don’t suffer for my art. For the photoshop part I used ‘curves’ for the levels, and then picked out the different colours I wanted to bring out and used ‘selective colour’ and ‘colour balance’ Enjoy and let me know what you think.


FireworksFireworks 2010Fireworks 2010

Wedding #3 Matt and Emma Webster

Hi, this is another blog post regarding another friends wedding. This time the lovely Matt and Emma, on one photo I had do a VERY clever photoshot thing used in gloss mags! What happens is you copy peoples eyes so they are looking the right way, your task is to comment on which photo I have played with.

I was playing drums for the worship band so didn’t get any great mid-wedding photos but I feel i got some nice ones in there, any friends or family reading this feel free to right click and ‘save as’ any images you like, I’m free and easy that way.

Things to note:
Lighting in the reception venue was hard to work with without me having a nice big flash to play with, also movement and dark conditions is a hard thing to do but I think I did well, let me know your thoughts.