Greenbelt 2010: Rainbows, lights in trees and Beer and Hymns

So this is my LONG over due photo blog of Greenbelt 2010. Greenbelt was great this year and was a nice relaxing atmosphere, as always.

So here is my run through of images…

1-5      Ugly Duckling on Main stage.

6          A rainbow lands…I’m guessing it isn’t gold in there!

7         One more Ugly Duckling

8         One of my best pics, from the tiny tea tent.

9         Mainstage with moon.

10-15  Beer and Hymns @ The Jesus Arms that’s right sing old fashioned hymns and sip real ale…perfect! (with children recycling)

16-17        Danny and Champions of the World

18               The gang.

19               Some tree’s with lights.

20              Claire Short

21              Milton + crowd

22 -23     Performance Cafe

24-25      London Gospel choir

26              Beverly Knight

27             South Africa after Fifa talk

28             John Bell (Iona bloke)

29             The wife sat down in front of main stage.

30            Jars of Clay

31            The last day…