The Gibson tour part 2 (Congleton)

The second part of our family holiday was in Congleton, Cheshire. We did a few things, but mainly it was Mark and Marianne’s wedding so here lots of lovely wedding photos mixed with a trip to a farm (as you do), and some pictures of the wedding flowers before-hand because I was asked to record them before the big day.

It also includes my favorite ever picture of Bobbie:
Bobbie's wedding wear 2

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Flowers for the weddingFlowers for the wedding 2Flowers for the wedding 3Flowers for the wedding 4Flowers for the wedding 5Flowers for the wedding 6Flowers for the wedding 7Flowers for the wedding 8Flowers for the wedding 9A bright looking bird_She's Rolling rolling rollingBobbie's wedding wear 1Mark and Marianne's wedding 1Mark and Marianne's wedding 2Mustang 1Mustang 2Post Lunch BobbieThat's my anme...Wedding favours ducks as hockey players...Bobbie colouring at the weddingAll the Ducks on our tableGroom - loving it...A happy mother...The first danceHappinessDancing the night away.

Wedding #3 Matt and Emma Webster

Hi, this is another blog post regarding another friends wedding. This time the lovely Matt and Emma, on one photo I had do a VERY clever photoshot thing used in gloss mags! What happens is you copy peoples eyes so they are looking the right way, your task is to comment on which photo I have played with.

I was playing drums for the worship band so didn’t get any great mid-wedding photos but I feel i got some nice ones in there, any friends or family reading this feel free to right click and ‘save as’ any images you like, I’m free and easy that way.

Things to note:
Lighting in the reception venue was hard to work with without me having a nice big flash to play with, also movement and dark conditions is a hard thing to do but I think I did well, let me know your thoughts.

Wedding #2 Andy and Claire

This was a great wedding and number 2 of the season, a great friend of mine and someone who introduced me to Jesus marring a girl who is one of the nicest people ever. This was match made in heaven.

The reason for the lack of actual photos during the wedding is due to the fact I was behind the drums playing in the worship band, and it was one of those situations where God really worked through us and enabled us to play quite well despite some prevailing circumstances.

Anyway enough about how ace the couple, the day and God was, here are some photos. Some feature some special effects but most are as they were taken with a few little touches. If you want to keep any just right click and click save as – I don’t mind and they are all loaded as full size images…enjoy.

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Wedding #1 Clare and Mark – 19 June 2010

So here we go with the first wedding of the season, that of Mrs G’s and now my friends; Clare and Mark. It was a great day and I hope the images reflect that, I do find it hard to catch moment so I lot of these images have either very slow or very fast shutter speeds to enable me to catch that spark we all see at weddings.

This was in June! How behind am I?!?

Hope you enjoy.