The Twlight Sad and Panda Cubs

It’s been too long since my last live music shooting session so here is The Twlight Sad who were supported by Panda Cubs.

Panda Cubs showed themselves to be a great local (York) band, I really did like their sound and for their 5th gig they showed some real promise. I cast my mind back to bands I had been in and what they sounded like after 5 gigs, with that in mind it will be really interesting to see how they develop by gig 30.

The Twlight Sad debuted some new material which was received well and all in all they played well. I got to meet their drummer Mark who was a gentle character and was a pleasure to talk to.

Well I’ll let the images speak.. normal rules apply click on one to get more details in flickr. Let me know what you think of these as I think Live music photography is my weakest part of the shots I take.


The Twlight Sad at the Duchess 6The Twlight Sad at the Duchess 5The Twlight Sad at the Duchess 4The Twlight Sad at the Duchess 3The Twlight Sad at the Duchess 2The Twlight Sad at the DuchessPanda Cubs 4Panda Cubs 3Panda Cubs 2Panda CubsBefore the bands got started...


Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – The Duchess, York – 11th June 2010

I used to write for a living; I say ‘a living’ I used to get paid in gig tickets and the world’s supply of rock cd’s to write decent reviews of cd’s or live gigs. It was great and if it could pay the mortgage, car insurance, gas, electric, water etc etc then i would have done it forever. I’m aware some very lucky people get to do it forever but it requires being exactly that: lucky, and short of moving to London or Bath (oddly) to run blindly for that dream I sidelined it in favour of working in Marketing.

But recently I found myself pulled into writing again, I got in contact with a contact at the Press in York and asked him if they would use it, he said yes and by today it was in Print on the famous (it isn’t) page 17 of The Press.

So with an image here it is…

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip @ The Duchess

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – The Duchess, York – 11th June 2010
It’s not often the heavyweights of Hip-Hop drop by to our fair city, but this unlikely duo of electronica maverick Dan Le Sac and spoken word poet of the people Scroobius Pip came to The Duchess to show people just how much fun 2 people can have on stage.

The anticipation for the main act was fuelled by a succession of DJ’s playing some old skool hip-hop for a good hour and half before finally the lights slightly faded and the unlikely figure of Dan Le Sac appeared to begin the night. With a gleaming smile Dan knew what was about to happen and started his many electronic devices to begin the opener to 2009’s debut album ‘Angels’, ‘The Beat That My Heart Skipped’. This track started what was to be an assault of beats, singing and intelligent rap that the assembled crowd went crazy for.

Rather embarrassing for Dan his electronic drum sampler managed to break towards the end of this opener, however you wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for his mock crying as he looked at the sound man. Other highlights included tracks from their new album ‘The Logic Of Chance’ such as the uplifting ‘Get Better’ and the out right party track ‘Sick Tonight’. Everything by this duo is done with maximum impact with a few tracks harking back to Pip’s spoken work background which include acting and slight costume changes to assist the story telling nature of the songs. One such track see’s Pip claiming he is going to run for the President of the UK (as it sounds better than Prime Minister), and reads from his manifesto which includes claims such as ‘I swear as a citizen of this country to not just sit around moaning’ – he’s got my vote!

Towards the end of the gig, he uses costume to tell the story of a series of events from different people’s view including a security guard and a 5 year old boy, this is done with such skill and finesse it can be at times awe inspiring.

The gig ends with the Radiohead sampled ‘Letter from God to Man’ which is based on a fictional letter from the big man to His subjects, which is such a big idea and executed with brilliance. The crowd left the Duchess not only with the sense their entry fee was well worth it but with ideas of religion, social responsibility, crime and politics whizzing around their minds, this was not only a gig but an education for the crowd.

So everyone don’t forget your dreams just make sure you have money coming in and keep them alive!