Illuminate York 2015

Hello people,

As a demonstration of my lack of time to write this blog here are the photos from illuminate York 2015 (taken October 2015). The main things I looked at where the light boxes at the Guildhall, NRM train lights and disco balls down the Shambles. Not much else to say about them but to click and take a look.

I do truly love Illuminate York it’s my favourite arts event York puts on and does separate it from other cities in the UK and indeed the world. Long may it continue.

Illuminate York 2015 photos:

A brown tankEvening Star light trialGlitter Ball light trials 3The rocket being watchedDuchess illuminated 2Glitter ball light trials 2The Duchess illuminated 1Glitter Ball light trials 1Square light boxes 2Eurostar illuminated 2The ghost of children on cobblesDiesel PowerSquare light boxesChinese Loco in blueGlitter Balls all in a rowEurostar illuminated 1Southern C1 lit upGuild Hall entrance of flowersThe Glitter Ball in YorkMe with mirrors


Illuminate York 2013

This Year for my ‘favorite thing that happens in York’ I went round with Mr B and explored the festival with him.

The images don’t really explain themselves but that’s nice isn’t it? Enjoy the best festival York puts on!

Cliffords tower rainbowCliffords tower moonTags on string 2Tags on stringSmoke dearFire through metal 2Fire through metal

Illuminate York 2011

And so it came to my annual photography fest that is Illuminate York, don’t really need to say much here. I did a similar post last year on the lights and art show centered around York, basically locations in York put on a light display and people walk round and go “ooooo”and “ahhhh” and then some people with photography equipment take chuffing hours and take some shots of the lights (me included).

See the images below and also see this Youtube video  that I remixed which shows a section of the awesome untitled Vj’s projection that stole the show (note: I didn’t record the video I just put some banging tunes over it that synced perfectly!). As with every post click on the images for more details and enjoy.


Castle Museum on fire New image_42New image_37New image_29Purple StatueBlue plantsPurple plantsGhostly TouristsDeans Garden