Google plus and why you should be using it

google +Google what?

Google Plus (Google +) is Google’s punt at being ‘social’ and oh are they serious about it. Google have an awful lot ridding on this and are constantly looking at making it better.

But why have they bothered?

Social media is increasingly becoming a more integral part of the SEO mix. Below is a recently published MOZ image showing ranking factors as they see them. As we can see social media has a nice slice of the pie here and it is in fact larger than you may have first thought (it’s the dark navy one for those who prefer not to open the image fully).


What does this mean?

Well along with everything else in an SEO mix, Google is watching what you do (or your company does) on social media. But which social media platform will Google listen to most? Yeah that thing that Google has plunged lots of money and time into; Google +.

So what to do?

Well get using Google +, it really is a great platform once you get into it, use the communities, comment and +1 at will. This post is a great guide on what to do on Google+ 29 tips for Google +

Until next time…


The Power of Twitter with Ross Noble and Andy Clark

One of my most popular posts I have ever done was all to do with my twitter fun with the BBC news you can see how much fun that was here. Now we have part 2 featuring one of the funniest men on the planet and a very talented pianist (who is available for weddings!).

It all started here with facebook, while Andy was playing his normal set he updated his status…
Facebook status from Andy Clark

So I thought, well I follow Ross Noble on twitter I’ll try something funny and sent Ross this…
Twitter Status

and Ross being a good lad did the only right thing…Twitter status 2

So yet again I have a great example of twitter being a direct route to talk to people and one great way to give a mate a surprise, Andy it’s been too long lad and Ross cheers for taking part!

How social media helps Breakfast News

Hello all, I’m in a bit of a photography lull at the moment but I thought I’d share this quite amazing example of social media. This morning I was sat having breakfast with Mairi and I was checking my twitter feed and saw a tweet by @bbcbreakfast presenter @simonbreakfast or Simon Jack, he tweeted asking for any questions for the owner of the 99p stores. I asked Mairi is there anything you want to ask the man? She said “do they just have 1p’s in the till?” I thought what the hay I’ll ask… so then this happened…

and lo and behold (see from 2:05)

Now I know what you your thinking…Roy that could have been anyone, Simon might not have even read your tweet. All valid points so I found out…

So basically this made my day, it also shows us just how direct twitter can be as a tool for communication. I also think it’s great that the BBC have their reporters tweeting – asking us, the public, what we want to know even if it is a little jovial.